Excellence Label of the German Education Prize 2015

Excellence Label of the German Education Prize 2015 TÜV Süd, EUPD Research

In 2015 TÜV Süd and EUPD Research have awarded the PRiME project the Excellence Label of the German Education Prize 2015 in the category "Innovation".

With more than 70 competitors in our category, the project made it into the final round with only three contestants remaining. After a successful audit in February 2015, the project managers Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti and Gerd Schumacher, Professor Ulrik Schroeder, Christoph Greven, Hendrik Thüs, and the manager of NextEducation, Andreas Eckelt, eventually received the award. The jury gave the following reasons for awarding PRiME:

With PRiME, the project team consisting of DB Mobility Logistics AG, DB Training, Learning & Consulting and the RWTH Aachen initiated an innovative project that is carried out professionally. By means of various mobile and web applications users can aggregate personally relevant information from within the learning environment. The architecture follows the principle of swarm intelligence and enables the users to exchange knowledge, collect best practice scenarios and discuss.


Code Week Award 2015

Code Week Award 2015

Code Week Award - And the Winner is...

the Student Lab for Computer Science InfoSphere!

The jury of the Code Week Award has come to a decision and has chosen the InfoSphere project "Informatik-Feriencamp für Weltverbesserer" as prize winner. The whole team is thrilled to be honored like this and we're even more happy to announce that the prize money of 10.000€ will be used to offer two Arduino holiday camps completely for free for all participants from class 8 upwards.

Since then, these holiday camps have been offered regularly during all holidays. For more information check the InfoSphere website.