Finished Dissertations

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The focus of our research at the Learning Technologies Research Group is on learning technologies and didactics of computer science. On top of that we've also conducted research in interdisciplinary contexts.

Since our foundation in 2002 numerous dissertations have been finished successfully. On the subsites, you'll find summaries of all finished dissertations and, where possible, a link to the original text.

If you share our research interest we're looking forward to getting in contact with you. We're always interested in extending our network and starting new research cooperations. In case you're interested in our topics please contact Professor Ulrik Schroeder or write directly to the authors.


Dr. Nadine Bergner: Design of a Computer Science Laboratory for Students, and Research Into the Effects of the Image of Computer Science on Children and Adolescents

Dr. Anna Lea Dyckhoff: Action Research and Learning Analytics in Higher Education

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Fahmy Yousef: Effective Design of Blended MOOC Environments in Higher Education

Dr. Daniel Herding: The Tutor-in-the-Loop Model for Formative Assessment

Dr. Kerstin Kohl: Development of a Strategy to Didactically Accompany Elearning Projects for the Virtualization of Higher Education Using the Research Project ITO As Example

Dr. Thiemo Leonhardt: Establishing a Talent-fostering Learning Environment for Girls in Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Karola Merkel: A Didactic Method in Computer Science for Learning Professional Team Work in School and University

Dr. Tim Paehler: Design, Implementation and Application of a Reusable Component Framework for Interactive Mathematical eLearning Sites

Prof. Dr. Christian Spannagel: Usage Processes in Learning and Teaching With Computers

Prof. Dr. Patrick Stalljohann: A Generic Platform for Open Assessment Management in Higher Education