Seminar: Gamification of Adaptive Learning Environments



Core topic of this seminar is gamification in e-learning.

Gamification is the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game contexts, such as business, marketing, sales or education. It is widely used in educational context in order to boost student engagement and motivation. Gamification is used as a tool to increase content retention - ultimately leading to enhanced work performance.

This course will research the mechanisms of gamification, why it has such tremendous potential, and how to use it effectively.

This conference-like master seminar deals with related topics such as educational psychology, instructional design, learning theories, game design, game based learning and web technologies.

Incorporating gamification in e-Learning requires both the theory about how and why to use it and the practical know-how to build it. As of that your final work will consist of a written paper on a given topic followed by an appropriate practical assignment and case scenario. You will pass through the whole scientific publication procedure, from literature research and shaping a paper about scientific findings to a final talk with audience

Do not register for this seminar unless you are willing to really work scientifically, i.e. you work autonomously in a research domain and create added-value yourself. You will not simply summarize a paper -, or if you could probably drop out.

Additional Information

Students: Master

Max participants: 12 – When applying for the seminar please introduce yourself. Write a sentence or two about your prior knowledge, experience and motivation for this topics. What do you expect, why do you want to enroll in it?

Language: English

Duration: approx. 10 weeks (Start: February, End: Jun)

The kick-off meeting will take place in February, soon after choosing the participants. The concrete topics will be defined in February.

This seminar will be organized as a block event ("Blockseminar") with presentations in June.

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