*** MINT-GirlsDay 2017 ***

Photo of the participants MINT-L4  

108th MNU-Federal Congress 2017 at RWTH


Thanks to intermediation of Prof. Heitzer by the competence centre MINT-L4 the 108th MNU-Federal Congress will be hosted by RWTH Aachen University at the new lecture hall centre “C.A.R.L. “ in April 2017.


Consulting Days 2017

Stand MINT-L4

The Consulting Days took place from 31st January till 2ndFebruary at RWTH. The competence centre MINT-L4@RWTH took part in the Day of Natural Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Geoscience, Medicine on Wednesday, 1st February.

The booth was addressed to pupils, who are interested studying a STEM-subject in lectureship. Due to that, there were information flyer for the subjects lectureship in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Phyics and Engineering. Moreover, a lot of presentations and lectures have made the Consulting Day very exciting and interesting. Both the lecture "Lehramt im MINT-Bereich" and the lecture "Was ist MINT-Didaktik?" were not only well-frequented, but gave an overview about contents and aspects about didactics and lectureships.

Next year we will be there again and look forward to seeing further interested pupils.


Events 2016

The Pupils-University STEM-lectureship: Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Constructional Engineering 2016

The Pupils-University STEM-lectureship with the topic “Die Welt(en) erklären und gestalten“ has took place during the last summer holidays 2016 and gave eight pupils an understanding of the excited world of the STEM subjects.

Experiments were conducted in chemistry , in Engineering 3D materials were printed and in the Mathematics a new excited game was invented. The participants got to know the specialty of STEM-lectureship and could inspire younger pupils for STEM subjects.


Girl’s Day – the Girls Future Day

MINT-L4 offered the workshop “Es leuchtet, piepst und bewegt sich, mit Technik die Welt verbessern“ from the sections of Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics for STEM-interested pupils at the nationwide Girl’s Day on Thursday, 28th April 2016.


Funding for the project e Learning “Mathematik für Bauingenieure”

The project e-Learning “Mathematik für Bauingenieure” is now also being funded by means of RWTH Aachen Blended Learning.


Newsletter Computer Science

Here you can sign up for the newsletter of the computer science student laboratory.


Training for teachers in objectoriented programming with Java on 5th October

Attention to computer science teachers: On 5th October a training for teachers in object-oriented programming with Java will take place. More information can be found on the website.


iMPACt is international now

The school-university-project MathePlus (iMPACt) has now become international. iMPACt is one of the biggest projects of the centre and it is not only being applied at more than 40 German schools but also on foreign ones, including the Scuola Svizzera di Roma.


Materials of the inaugural event of the centre MINT-L4 from 25th June 2013.