Blended Learning

Continuous improvement in teaching is valued at RWTH Aachen. This includes the use of didactically-grounded methods of blended learning, meaning methods of modern teaching, which bring together in class lessons and independent study phases with possibilities of new media. The Rector's Office introduced the project Blended Learning and ETS 2014 to 2017 to support and promote this goal.

What is blended learning? What does one need for good blended learning? And: what do students expect from teachers with regards to blended learning? Professor Heribert Nacken, Rector's delegate for blended learning at RWTH Aachen, and the former chair of AStA, Georg Vonhasselt, answer these and other questions.

Professor Heribert Nacken and Georg Vonhasselt in an interview about blended learning
Statement from Professor Nacken as part of the video series 100 Meinungen zu E-Learning by