Practical Lab: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of (Mobile) Extensions for LP


The aim of this lab is to design, implement and evaluate a mobile web client for LP. The client should utilize the existing LP API and OAuth authentication. Also, the project should include and establish rules of highly usable, robust, maintainable and tested design. Depending on the number of participants further ideas for web or mobile applications extending the LP functionality are welcome.

Additional Information


This course and the meetings will be held in English.


Necessary prerequisites are:

  • Familiarity with Test Driven Development
  • Familiarity with design of Human-Machine Interaction and Web Design
  • OO development

Useful prerequisites are:

  • Knowledge on MVC frameworks
  • Knowledge on Oauth and in particular the Oauth system that RWTH Aachen University uses
  • CSS Preprocessors


On the Developer page containing the documentation for the LP API you will find all necessary information regarding the L2P API. All other relevant information and material will be available in LP. Additional information can be found in CAMPUS. The final presentations will be held in the last week of June/first week of July.


If you have any questions please contact Vlatko Lukarov.