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We always offer Bachelor and Master's theses in our research areas learning technologies and didactics of computer science. If you are interested in a thesis in these research fields, please write an email to showing your interest. You can either apply for one of the open theses or sketch own ideas you would like to investigate.

After a first meeting with your advisors you will write a proposal of two to three pages stating the motivation for the thesis, connections to existing research, a rough overview of the state of the art and relevant literature on your research question(s) as well as a work schedule. This proposal will be presented in the monthly student colloquium. After that, the thesis will be officially registered.

Usually, there will be regular meetings with your advisors and often other students working on similar subjects. After submitting your thesis you will present your results in the student colloquium and discuss them with the researchers of the research group.

Additional information on how to plan and coordinate your thesis can be found here.
If you are interested in writing your thesis with us, please contact us timely. For writing your thesis during the summer term, please contact us in March and for the winter term in September respectively.