Assessmentflows - Operational Definition of Teaching Support Tool

Master Thesis
Usman Wahid


One research area of the Computer-Supported Learning Research Group is technology enhanced and open assessment. Basic questions in this area are how technology can support the planning and realization of grading and giving feedback to students’ learning activities. Different types of assessments like assignments, exams, presentations, and tests can be supported by various tools. These tools vary from support of classical multiple choice tests, over intelligent correction of Java source code, to assessment of collaborative learning activities.


The aim of this project is to develop a system for the definition and interpretation of an operational model of assessment strategies in higher education lectures. Based on the definitions the system should be able to set up a component based teaching environment for the tool based support of the different planned learning activities. A requirement is to realize this project using the Windows Workflow Foundation engine within Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to allow a smooth integration with L²P.







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