Submitted Master Thesis of Amrita Deb


Amrita Deb presents her master thesis on the topic "Application of Gamification as a support for strategizing in Self-regulated Learning".


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The aim of this thesis was to apply gamification as a support for self-regulated learning especially regarding the forethought Phase of SRL. One of the tasks of the thesis was to analyze the existing solutions in which gamification is used as a support for SRL. Based on the knowledge gained in the preparation of state of the art, the requirements that gamification needs to meet to help students create a learning strategy are defined. As a result, a Moodle LMS plugin titled ‘Learning Strategizer’ was created. This tool aims to provide teachers a possibility to suggest different learning strategies to students, and on the other hand, it provides students to create their own plans and learning paths. The tool was evaluated with both teachers and students. The evaluation showed that the tool was acceptable for both stakeholders, however, it also revealed a quite comprehensive list of corrections and suggestions for the future work.