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Dr. Tim Paehler


Dr. Tim Paehler


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Design, Implementation and Application of a Reusable Component Framework for Interactive Mathematical eLearning Sites (October 2004)

This thesis presents an elearning framework that allows to occupy oneself with mathematics in an interactive and experimental way. Programs using this framework therefore open up an intuitive access to mathematics and its practical application for the learner. This thesis is divided into four chapters, each of which document a step in the development process of the framework.

The first chapter discusses the technical and practical basis of web-based learning and analyzes the existing solutions in the field of teaching mathematics. The second chapter takes a look at didactic concepts that might be helpful in creating the framework and presents a didactic development process. The third chapter then describes the implementation of the component framework corresponding to the requirements from the chapters before. The fourth chapter presents the application and evaluation of the framework in a wide spectre of elearning scenarios.

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