Dr. Kai Höver


Modelling Web-based Learning Ecosystems for Aggregation and Reuse

In the e-learning domain, the learning resources, teachers and learners and the active learning processes in their entirety construct the learning ecosystems. This thesis examines the modelling of learning ecosystems to support their aggregation and reuse. To achieve this goal, learning ecosystem models must support aggregation, compatibility, interoperability and granular re-usability of their data. Through user studies, digital model concepts of learning ecosystems, i.e. so-called LOOCs (linked open online courses), were developed. In particular, Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data concepts are considered within the context. The developed ontological models form the basis for a number of e-learning applications that show the viability of the concepts as well as a high user acceptance. Further, a formal interpreter model for CSCL (Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning) Scripts for the description of learning processes specified by using Abstract State Machines is presented.