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Within the LTI-Lab we develop a VR learning environment, which introduces the basics of computer graphics. The Rendering Pipeline, a central and fundamental piece of computer graphics, can be experienced interactively in virtual reality. The target groups for this application are students in the upper school, who we want to motivate on computer science, but also students who want to learn the basics of computer graphics. The scenarios are expandable and should cover increasingly complex topics of computer graphics in the future of the project. Currently, some scenarios show the students what is necessary when a 3D world is to be displayed on a 2D screen, for example by exploring the transformation of three-dimensional objects.

We enrich the learning process in the environment through research. How can we facilitate understanding? How can we integrate Learning Analytics? How can we integrate VR applications into a research infrastructure? Does the improved immersion in VR lead to a better learning outcome than conventional teaching methods?

Future ideas for the project include, for example, explaining what happens in a VR headset, so that a 3D world and two 2D images can be combined to create an impression of depth. Further possibilities include the presentation of the different shaders or the procedure for shadow calculation.

If you are interested in writing your thesis in this project, please contact Birte.


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