LeBiAC Phase 1 - Quality Initiative in Teacher Education

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As part of the Teacher Training Quality Initiative, the Federal Government and the Länder support the further development of teacher training. The department of Didactics in Computer Science and the Department of Teaching and Research in Computer Science 9 have also been active there since 1 January 2016 as part of the RWTH project LeBiAC - Gemeinsam verschieden sein with three measures: the development and evaluation of the InfoSphere - Lehr-Lern-Labor Informatik, the development of effective feedback instruments and the coordination of teacher training as part of the MINT-L^4 Project.

The first two measures are taken from the package of measures II.2 ("Accompanied teaching-learning opportunities in contact with pupils") and the third from the package of measures III.3 "Coordination of teacher training from training to lifelong learning".

Measure II.2b - Teaching-learning laboratory for computer science

The InfoSphere – Schülerlabor Informatik has been in existence since 2010 and has been further developed into a teaching-learning laboratory in the LeBiAC subproject II.2b. In the course of this project, pupils are given the opportunity to get to know the world of computer science on the one hand and students of the computer science teaching profession on the other hand are given a first insight into teaching practice. The teaching trials are firmly integrated into the course "Introduction to the Didactics of Computer Science (FdI 1)". In the course of the exercises, the students view already existing material, extend it with their own components and carry out the modules with groups of pupils. Afterwards the lecturers and the students reflect. The steps are taken twice, once with topics for the lower and intermediate level and once with topics for the upper level within the framework of the Schüleruni Informatik. The students particularly benefit from the fact that their first practical experiences take place in a prepared environment. The already existing materials and the possibilities of the pupil laboratory give the students the freedom to concentrate completely on the teaching situation. The competences acquired in the teaching-learning laboratory will be deepened in the further course of the didactic training in the courses "FdI 2" at a cooperation school and "FdI 3" in the practical semester.

Further details can be found in the event descriptions FdI 1 , FdI 2 and FdI 3.

The InfoSphere - Lehr-Lern-Labor Informatik offers testing scope for students of teaching professions also outside of the course: for example as a semester-accompanying internship. For this framework, a training course was designed in which the trainees are prepared for their tasks. This includes an introduction to the most important (technical) didactic basics, the development of the basic concepts and guidelines of the pupils' computer science laboratory and various exercises for dealing with pupils in an extracurricular learning context. A special focus is placed on the topics of individual support and inclusion. The concept and the training materials ( Presentation , AB Scenarios , Handout Worksheet und Handout Dos Don'ts ) can be downloaded here.

Measure II.2a - Coordination and Evaluation

The feedback tools developed have proved to be a useful addition to the teaching trials. A paper sheet and an app or website were created. The feedback sheet on paper allows the teachers to take notes during the test and to observe and comment on individual areas (e.g. the structure of the lesson or the appearance of the teacher). The resulting structured summary of the lesson provides the basis for a reflection discussion. In comparison, the app or website contains similar observation points, which, however, are only filled in at the end of the lesson and by all participants - i.e. the lecturers or accompanying teachers, the students and also the pupils. In this way, all points of view are combined in one evaluation and made comparable.

The instruments for download:

To the feedback app (testing possible with the code "0" or "1") redirection to the website of the computer science lab of the RWTH Aachen: App or a request by mail to for the App-Donwload.

Observation sheet for downloading as PDF or Excel file: PDF or Excel

Checklist for download as PDF or Word file: PDF or Word

Measure III.3 "Coordination of the Competence Centre MINT-L4@RWTH"

Within the framework of the package of measures III.3 "Coordination of teacher training from training to lifelong learning", the coordination of the MINT-L4@RWTH competence centre lay with the Department of Computer Science 9 until it was handed over to the Department of Mathematics Didactics in February 2018. The MINT-L4@RWTH project offers a number of opportunities for already active and potential future students of the teaching profession. These include a workshop on Girls Day, a student university for those interested in MINT subjects and various advisory services. In addition, training courses on specific and interdisciplinary topics are offered for active teachers in natural science subjects. The subjects of computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, technology and civil engineering develop the courses jointly.

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder, Prof. Dr. Nadine Bergner (project leader)

Employee for the position "InfoSphere - Lehr-Lern-Labor Informatik": Kathrin Larisch
Employee for the position "Entwicklung lernwirksamer Feedbackinstrumente": Lubna Ali
Employee for the position "Koordination der Lehrerbildung von der Ausbildung bis zum lebenslangen Lernen“:
Transfer to the Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Didaktik der Mathematik, Frau Prof. Dr. Johanna Heitzer

Former staff
"InfoSphere - Lehr-Lern-Labor Informatik": Michaela Inden und Sandra-Jasmin Petrut
"Entwicklung lernwirksamer Feedbackinstrumente": Fritzi Kersting-Prüßner, Ilona Cwielong und Robert Ivo Mei
"Koordination der Lehrerbildung von der Ausbildung bis zum lebenslangen Lernen“: Alexandra Kwiecien und Sandra-Jasmin Petrut