Personal Photonics

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"Personal Photonics" is a large joint project of InfoSphere with the Media Computing Group of Chair i10 at RWTH Aachen University, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the funding measure "Open Photonics".

Project Description

This project provides interactive demonstrators that utilize photonics technologies, such as depth-cameras, LEDs and stereolithography 3D Printing. The HaptiVision Toolkit converts data from depth-cameras into haptic patterns on the human body. The toolkit will be developed incrementally, first by supporting concrete demonstrators such as haptic vests, bracelets or a carseat, and later by supporting haptic displays of any 3D shape. In a parallel track, iWand creates arbitrary 3D shapes, in-situ, by tracking a marked pen with depth-cameras. The pens will be extended by an autonomous tacking function by IR LEDs / camera. The created 3D models can be printed and supplemented by photonics output, glass fibers. In the university evaluation track, courses will be developed and carried out in cooperation with UC Berkeley, in which students will use the innovations from HaptiVision Toolkit and iWand to build new photonics products and solutions. Moreover, InfoSphere will carry out Arduino microcontroller programming workshops with photonics aspects to a broad audience throughout Germany and online.

InfoSphere Part

In addition to the professional, innovative solutions, we also want to achieve that anybody can be part of it and contribute her or his own ideas. For this we show everyone, young or old, the basics for those wily inventions in workshops with Arduino microcontroller.


Prof. Dr. Nadine Bergner and Dr. Thiemo Leonhardt