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The MINT-L-OER-amt project aims to sustainably integrate OER into the MINT teacher training and continuing education program of RWTH Aachen University. In his Lightning Talk René Röpke explains how to do that.
This text was shortened and translated from German to English by René Röpke.

It is licensed under CC BY 4.0-Lizenz and was written by Gabi Fahrenkrog for OERinfo – Informationsstelle OER (Source:

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The use of OER can revolutionize the educational system, or maybe not? Lubna Ali elaborates on this question in her Lightning Talk.

It is licensed under CC BY 4.0-Lizenz and was written by Gabi Fahrenkrog for OERinfo – Informationsstelle OER (Source:


The aims

OER-Award nomination under the category "OER über OER" Copyright: © Lukas Netz OER-Award nomination under the category "OER über OER"

The aim of MINT-L-OER-amt is to integrate the concept of Open Educational Resources (OER) into the STEM education and training programs at the RWTH Aachen University. This is accomplished by qualifying and supporting certain target groups to create, edit and utilize OER Materials for teaching purposes. The target groups are: Lecturers and students of the STEM didactics at RWTH, current school teachers in the region and later on other lecturers and STEM field students of RWTH. The above-mentioned groups are to be qualified gradually supported by the center of excellence at RWTH (MINT-L⁴@RWTH). All materials used within the qualification program will be available also as OER.


The results

Badge for OER-Award nomination 2017 Badge for OER-Award nomination 2017

We have finished year 2017 successfully by being nominated for the OER award under the category “OER über OER”. This category was under the umbrella of the German Commission for UNESCO. The nomination was awarded both digitally and with a handmade price.

Within the frame of the project, the following materials (only in German) were produced for the workshops:

  • Presentation "MINT-L-OER-amt" (pdf, pptx, odp [follows soon]) (in German)
  • Handout "OER-Portale im Überblick" (pdf, docx, odt) (in German)
  • Handout "Bearbeitung von OERs" (pdf, docx, odt) (in German)
  • Handout "Linkliste rund um OER" (pdf, docx, odt) (in German)
  • Worksheet "Bearbeitung von OERs" (pdf, docx, odt) und "OER-Portale entdecken" (pdf, docx, odt) (in German)
  • Question cards "OER und Creative Commons Lizenzen" (pdf, ppt, odp) (in German)
  • Combination cards "OER Materialien" (pdf, ppt, odp) (in German) and "CC Lizenzen" (pdf, ppt, odp) (in German)
  • Project flyer "MINT-L-OER-amt" (pdf) (in German)
  • Training manual for OER trainers (pdf, docx, odt) incl. all materials (zip) (in German)

In response to the Open Call of the Open Education Working Group (@okfnedu) on Twitter, our colleague Svenja Noichl translated the OER Canvas into Norwegian.

  • OER Canvas in Norwegian (pdf, odg)

Gradually, there are more and more languages in which the German OER Canvas by Sandra Schön (@sandra_schoen) and Martin Ebner (@mebner) for @OERinfo - Informationstelle OER (2017) has been translated. More information can be found here.

The following lectures, workshops and meetings were held:

Networking with other BFBM funded projects regarding OER:

  • Skype call with Constanze Reder and Matthias Andrasch from OERlabs at the University of Cologne and at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern
  • Skype call with Bettina Waffner from MainstreamingOER at the University of Duisburg-Essen

A summary of the project current results and an overview of the workshops, lectures and conferences until 31st December 2017 are to be found in the interim report (pdf, docx, odt). (in German)

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder (project management), Lubna Ali und René Röpke

Prof. Dr. Nadine Bergner (further project management)