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LTI Lab Research

We are working to invent the future of learning with technology in the digital era, design and shape the new digitalized classrooms and the future of computer science didactics and education.

We are using new technologies and devices coupled with creative invention in the context of learning. The emphasis is improving the human/learning experience with technologies which are seamlessly introduced and applied in various learning scenarios. This new digital learning experience includes incorporation of analytics, devices and technology, various didactical approaches, and resources within the learning processes and experiences. Our research focus is on applicability and solution-oriented usefulness which also examines the implications of adoption of technology in education and helping us to shape the way where we want to go next in the digitalization of education.

Research areas:

  • Digitalization of teaching and learning
  • Data Analytics (Learning Analytics)
    • Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA)
    • Domain-based learning analytics
    • Fostering data skills (analysis, literacy)
  • VR/AR/MR technology in education
  • Multi-touch and interactive tabletops
  • Games/Game-based learning
  • Computer Science didactics tools and technology
  • Web technologies in the learning context
  • UI/UX research within the learning context
  • Building new/innovative learning resources and tools