Current Dissertations

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Lubna Ali: Developing Methods to Automate the Utilization of OER in Higher Education

Matthias Ehlenz: Effects of Employing Learning Analytics-backed Multi-touch Educational Games in Teaching Computer Science

Christoph Greven: Computer-Supported Scientific Work

Birte Heinemann: tbd

Sven Judel: Data Literacy for Learning Analytics in Blended Learning Scenarios

Svenja Noichl: Increasing digital competences of senior citizens based on the mediation of basics of computer science with the example of tablets

Sandra-Jasmin Petrut: Digital education (from media literacy to computer science) for children (primary school up to grade six)

René Röpke: Game-based Learning Applications in Cyber Security Education

Hendrik Thüs: Learning Context: A Privacy Preserving Platform for Learning Data Collection and Analytics

Usman Wahid: A Framework for Open Assessment in L²P

Nađa Žarić: Learning styles based personalization of gamification in (programming) learning environments

External PhD candidates:

José Manuel de La Rosa Govantes: Organisation von Textverständlichkeit in technischen Systemen

Paul Gamper: Problemlösestrategien in vorlesungsbegleitenden online-Programmierlernspielen

Bastian Küppers: Implementation of a Framework for e-Assessment on Students' Devices

Ralf Stein: Anwendungsfall- vs. agile, Testfall-getriebene Entwicklung beim Lernen Objektorientierter Programmierung

*(All titles listed here are working titles)