Proseminar: Learning and Knowledge Management



In general this proseminar serves as introduction to scientific working. The course is organised like a conference and will take you through the whole process of publishing from literature review via writing down scientific findings in an article to the final presentation in front of an audience of scientists. With this, you will also learn more about various other facets such as the role of a reviewer to get a clearer image of quality standards and review processes.

Thematically, the seminar discusses visual recommender systems. These systems have become an essential part of every area of life, be it buy recommendations in an online shop or expert recommendations in a company. They replace human advisors and help dealing with the problem of information overflow. To achieve this, recommender systems make use of a large amount of information, for example metainformation like book genre oder interaction information like user ratings.

The result of a recommender system for the user usually is a ranking of elements that fails to show the complexity and interdependencies of the data. Therefore, the information is not transperant for the user, resulting in a lack of understanding and reducing trust in the software.

The question now is how graphical visualizations can help to make recommendations more transparent and easier to understand, for example by using a network showing the relations to the user. This course therefore addresses topics like data mining, recommender systems, visualization techniques and similar things.

Additional Information


Dr. André Calero Valdez, Human-Computer Interaction Center

Christoph Greven, Learning Technologies Research Group


The proseminar is offered in German, but the paper as well as the presentation can also be done in English.


Immatriculation for a course of study in Computer Science, that is Bachelor in Compüuter Science, Communication in Technology et cetera. Experience in elearning or similar areas is optional.


We will work step by step on a scientific paper. The exact timetable will be announced later. All additional information can soon be found in the virtual course room in L²P.


You can register for the course in the central registration.


If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact Christoph Greven or Professor Ulrik Schroeder.