Seminar: Selected Topics in Gamification & Game-based Learning


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Within virtual learning environments, the motivation and engagement of learners play a major role. In contrast to traditional learning environments, time and place for learning is not fixed and interaction between learners and teachers changes. Potential isolation of learners results in low motivation and low engagement. This can lead to high dropout rates and failing learners.

Gamification and game-based learning are introduced as solutions to foster motivation and provide active learning scenarios resulting in higher engagement. In research, various approaches, models, frameworks and techniques in the design and implementation of gamification or game-based learning have been proposed. To evaluate the effectiveness of applied measures, analytical approaches give insight and provide recommendations for the design and application of gamification and game-based learning. Lastly, personalization allows tailoring solutions to domain-specific and learner-specific requirements.

In this seminar, we will take a look at gamification and game-based learning in various domains, e.g. programming courses or security education. Topics include:

  • Gamification and Game Analytics
  • Personalization in Gamified Learning Environments
  • Personalized Learning Games or Serious Games
  • Learning Game Content Generation
  • Effects of Gamification and Game-based Learning
  • etc.

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The course and meetings will be held in English.


Please register for this seminar only if you can/would like to complete it. Previous knowledge from the field is helpful but not necessary.