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Current information concerning summer term 2021

The course originally has a high proportion of self-directed work, which can be performed from any location and thus also at home. The exact design of the practical parts of the course is always adapted to the current situation in Germany. The concept will be drawn up in more detail as soon as the number of participants is clear. We try to provide access to VR technology within the official regulations, so that the Research Focus Class can do what it states in its title: Drive research forward.

Due to the corona virus we will try our best to create an interesting learning and research experience for you. Please write a mail to our chair with your motivation, if you are interested in the course.


Thhis research-oriented course is designed for students who are interested in current issues, developments, and research in modern learning technologies. Opening up new technologies for good teaching is often an iterative process. Questions that teachers and researchers ask themselves include: What content is appropriate to teach in VR? How can we maximize the benefits of virtual reality? Finally, a particularly important and discussed question is: how can we empirically demonstrate that our learning environments work and that students/learners understand and learn the content? How do learners perceive the new technologies? How can we compare classical learning in lectures with a learning unit in VR?

This Research Focus Class for Computer Science and related programs will focus on these and similar questions. First, there will be an introduction to the current state of research on the field of virtual reality and research in educational technologies. In the following, research questions and research ideas will be identified and these will be discussed together. This conceptual phase is followed by a practical phase in which students work on their research idea (e.g., through prototypical implementations, analyses, experiments, etc.) and evaluate it. The course is completed by a colloquium.

Additional Informationen

  • Level: M.Sc.
  • Offered in: SS 2021
  • Scope: 2 WSH contact time, 6 ECTS Credits
  • Language: Deutsch/Englisch
  • Number of vacancies: 4 - 12

The module is part of the specialization area Data and Information Systems. See the Module Catalogue and RWTHOnline for addtional information on exam regulations, credits, lecture hours etc.