Seminar: Visual and Interactive Recommender Systems



The topic of the seminar is Visual and Interactive Recommender Systems. It will go beyond the accuracy of algorithms and focus more on human factors like transparency, controllability, etc. At the same time, the potential of different areas of applications will be analyzed such as high-risk scenarios in health-care or financing. Accordingly, the seminar also deals with related topics from data mining, information visualization, or human computer interaction, to support users in their information-overflooded tasks.
In this conference-like master seminar you will pass through the whole scientific publication procedure, from literature research and shaping a paper about scientific findings to a final talk with audience. Meanwhile, you also get to know the role of the reviewer to get a clear image of quality standards and review processes. Joint feedback sessions over the semester to discuss so far results will lead to a block course with you final presentations in the end.
Do not register for this seminar unless you are willing to really work scientifically, i.e. you work autonomously in a research domain and create added-value yourself - you will not simply summarize a paper -, or if you could probably drop out.
The seminar will start early in the semester or even at the end of the previous one.