Seminar: Supporting Data Driven Decision-Making in Learning Analytics 



Sven Judel


+49 241 80 21952




Learning Analytics Dashboards (LAD) report information about learning and teaching to both learners and lecturers. Learners can reflect on their own learning and lecturers on how their teaching affects the learners. An important skill to improve learning and teaching, is to interpret the displayed information in a suitable way and decide, which actions to do next or how to adapt to a given situation. Data Driven Decision-Making describes this skill of using data as the foundation of making such decisions.

In this seminar, we will have a look at various data visualizations of LADs, which information are given and what decisions can be deduce from them. After that, you should think about a way to support the user (learner or lecturer) to think about possible actions and how to make a good decision. These ideas should be founded by literature and summarized in a paper also describing how they could be realized and evaluated.

Further Information


The course and meetings will be held in English.


Please register for this seminar only if you can/would like to complete it. Previous knowledge from the field is helpful but not necessary.