Didactics of Computer Science 2


FdI 2 - Preparational Seminar for Planning, Executing, and Analyzing Computer Science Classes


The preparational seminar "Planning, Executing, and Analyzing of Classes in Computer Science" specifies didactic methods using examplary class topics from Computer Science. It will present methods for planning and conceptualizing classes. Based on teaching computer science at university it will use examples to show how to didactically reduce the content and adapt it adequately for exemplary class levels.

The seminar will discuss the following topics in detail:

  • Basic Concepts of Learning and Teaching
  • Tasks in Computer Science Classes
  • Cognitively Activating Learners
  • Analysis and Reflection of One's Own Processes in Class
  • Educational Standards of Computer Science
  • Concept- and process-related Competences
  • Core Curricula
  • Meaningful Contexts
  • Foundation, Planning, Exemplary Execution, and Reflection of Context- and Competence-oriented Class Sequences
  • Using Media in Computer Science Class
  • Handling Misconceptions
  • Gender-sensitive Class

Learning Goals

For the learning results please refer to FdI 3 - Accompanying Seminar for the Practical Semester in Computer Science.

Additional Information

  • Level: M.Ed.
  • Offered in: Winter Semester
  • S2+E2
  • Course Language: German

For information on the regulations please refer to the Module Catalogue and the accompanying entry in RWTHonline.