Lab: Inclusion & Heterogenity / Fascination of Technology

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In Computer Science the concept Fascination of Technology can be done as a Practical Training in the Students Lab for Computer Science InfoSphere or alternatively as a Practical Project Elearning.

Practical Training in Students Lab for Computer Science InfoSphere

If this element of the Computer Science study programme is done as a Practical Training in the Students Lab for Computer Science - InfoSphere, the students get the opportunity to actively participate in an extracurricular learning place. Depending on the subject the students gain practical experience in using interactive whiteboards, smartphones, multitouch displays, tablets, and other modern technologies in an extracurricular learning place.

The participants supervise pupils of different age at InfoSphere whereby they experience, design, and reflect the practical use of technology in an (extra-)curricular area.

Practical Project Elearning

The Practical Project Elearning contains the theoretical conception as well as the implementation of school-specific elearning unit on promising new media like smartphones, multitouch displays or tablets.

Learning Goals

In both forms of practical work the students get a profound insight into the relevance of Computer Science for society, industry, economy, and science. They reflect the goals of computer science class in the context of their scope of application outside school and university. They get a overview knowledge, comprehend current discussion points in Computer Science and their application areas, and are able to connect the subject areas with the everyday knowledge of their pupils.

They also get deeper knowledge on and comprehension of modeling in Computer Science and variable perspectives on the topics of Computer Science. In addition, they are able to critically reflect the use of interactive media in Computer Science class.

Additional Information

  • Level: M.Ed.
  • Offered in: Winter Semester
  • P2
  • Course Language: German

Look Back 2017

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