Seminar: Education in Virtual Reality and Multimodal Learning Analytics



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Learning in VR brings great opportunities, because we are able to teach dangerous content, like working with high voltages. We are able to go beyond the classroom, entering the space or the world of molecules. We are able to immerse learners, to motivate them and to interact with concepts, which are hard to understand. This way we transform the way we are teaching and learning.

Learning Analytics investigate learning traces to better understand the opportunities VR brings. VR learning environments generate big amounts of educational data. The data types could be categorized into collaboration data, communication data, interaction data and so on.

In this seminar, we’ll focus on strength, limitations and possibilities of VR in education and how to do research on this.

Topics may include:

  • Learning with and in virtual reality
  • Support of teachers for creating VR learning content
  • Feedback to learners/ teachers

Further information


The course and the meetings will be held in English.


Only register for this seminar if you can/want to complete it. Prior knowledge of the subject area is helpful but not necessary.