Lab: Analyzing Learner Data from (VR) Learning Environments



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In education, more and more data is being collected on learners on different platforms. While questions like

  • How often are the learning materials looked at and for how long?
  • How do certain learners perform?
  • What content is particularly difficult?

can be asked in both learning management systems and VR learning applications, the collected data differ from each other and analyzing them quickly becomes very complex.
Especially when analyzing data over both platforms combined, new challenges arise.

In this practical course we want to face the challenges of combining, analyzing and visualising data as well as finding graphical representations that optimally support learners and teachers. For this purpose, we will create dashboards that help the different stakeholders to understand difficult concepts and behaviours and to answer questions.

We will use sample data from a learning management system (LMS) and a VR learning application.

Further information


The course and the meetings will be held in English.


Only register for this seminar if you can/want to complete it.
No knowledge about VR programming (Unity) is required as we intend to create a dashboard within the LMS. If you and some of your peers in this course have experience with Unity, alternatively, a VR dashboard could be created