Module Examination - Didactics of Computer Science


Examinations in Teacher Training for Computer Science, Bachelor and Master

In the Bachelor study programme the module Didactics of Computer Science 1, consisting of a lecture accompanied by assignments, will be finished with a 30 minute oral exam which is preceded by another 30 minutes for preparation.

In the Masters study programme the module Didactics of Computer Science, consisting of the preparational seminar Didactics of Computer Science 2 and the accompanying seminar Didactics of Computer Science 3, will also be finished with an oral exam. This exam consists of a 15 minute presentation on the practical experience in school and the part on research on teaching in school. This is followed by a 30 minute discussion on the topics of both seminars mentioned above.


To achieve a good result in both oral exams it is essential that you are able to relate the contents of the two courses, for example explain the theories, didactical principles and models from Fachdidaktik Informatik 1 based on specific examples.

The exam will test understanding, relations, classifications, reflections and evaluation as well as the ability to judge situations and to transfer the methods to teaching examples in a constructive manner. The sketch of possible exam questions shows as an example how such an exam might proceed. For good exam preparation, please ask for the current version of the document.The oral exam will of course be conducted as a conversation, that is our questions will take up your answers. Please note that there will also be questions on the topics from the seminars.


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