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We always offer Bachelor and Master's theses in our research areas learning technologies and didactics of computer science. Usually, we assign final theses related to our research and dissertation projects. If you would like to write your thesis in one of the described research areas, please contact the corresponding staff member directly.For narrowly defined projects that we advertise at short notice, you may find a topic in the list of open theses.

After a first meeting with your advisors you will write a proposal of two to three pages. It states the motivation for the thesis, draws connections to existing research, gives a rough overview of the state of the art and relevant literature on your research question(s) as well as a work schedule. This proposal will be presented in the monthly student colloquium. After that, the thesis will be officially registered.

Usually, there will be regular meetings with your advisors and often other students working on similar subjects. After submitting your thesis you will present your results in the student colloquium and discuss them with the researchers of the research group. Your final thesis will be published as Open Access in RWTH publications.

Additional information on how to plan and coordinate your thesis can be found here.

If you are now interested in writing your thesis at our research group, please take a look at the dissertation projects and our research topics to find out what you are interested in and contact the respective staff member directly. In your inquiry you should try to answer the following questions directly:

  • What is your name and what do you study?
  • Which courses have you attended during your studies (if applicable, which relevant elective courses that justify your interest)?
  • What competences/skills do you have that qualify you for work in the field of learning technologies and computer science didactics (e.g. from HiWi activities, seminar work or labs)?
  • Which specific topic are you interested in (please refer to an advertised thesis if possible)?

If you would like to suggest a topic of your own, it is important that you find connections to the dissertation projects or our research topics.

For a thesis in the summer semester, you should contact us in February at the latest or in August for the winter semester. Above all, please also take into account the correction times of both reviewers after submission of your thesis.