Visit of the LearningAID 2023

Teamphoto Copyright: © Learning AID 2023

From 28-29.08.2023 our team visited the LearningAID 2023 at the Ruhr-University Bochum.


Last week Sven Judel, Sergej Görzen and René Röpke visited the Learning AID 2023 at the Ruhr-University Bochum. Together with Miriam Wagner from the Chair of Process and Data Science (PADS), they represented the AIStudyBuddy project there, among others, and contributed to the program in different ways.

To kick off the event, René Röpke participated in the panel discussion on learning analytics and AI in higher education and represented the learning technology and computer science perspective on the panel. Together with colleagues from educational science, university management and state politics, the impact of generative AI on higher education and the opportunities and potential of learning analytics were discussed. Particular emphasis was placed on the interdisciplinary nature of the domain, as well as the importance of effective collaboration between research and practice.

In the demonstration forum of the first day, Sven Judel together with Benjamin Ledel (Digital Learning GmbH) and Christian Metzger (Ruhr-University Bochum) showed how a rights engine for learning analytics at universities can look like. They presented the joint development from the project, which will also be included in the AIStudyBuddy project as an open-licensed solution. Another demonstration was presented by Sergej Görzen. He presented BuddyAnalytics, a dashboard for cohort tracking and evidence-based curriculum development for course designers (part of the collaborative project AIStudyBuddy).

The following day, Miriam Wagner, Sven Judel, and René Röpke jointly offered a workshop on "Educational Process Mining - An Opportunity for Fact-Based Decision Making." With more than 30 participants they discussed possible issues for process analysis in the educational context and worked out steps of the PM² method for planning and implementing process mining projects. The goal of the workshop was to create an understanding for the analysis of processes in the university context and to raise awareness for the importance of process optimization in the education sector.