Submitted Master Thesis of Prudhvee Krishna Nalluri


Prudhvee Krishna Nalluri presents his master thesis on the topic "Improve basic Computer Science competences using Video Infographics".


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In the past decade technology has been pacing at an unprecedented rate. One must keep up with the technological advancement if they were to lead a good life. Due to lack of access to the technology by availability or affordability, or lack of understanding of fundamentals, many are not able to use the technology to their advantage. This is leaving a gap known as digital divide. With the decade of automation ahead of us, those people must be retrained into some skilled jobs. New methods must be devised to effectively train people with fast and effective manner. Visual learning is one of the useful ways to achieve that. Leveraging infographics, visual learning and motion video, many platforms have individuals creating lot of informational videos. This study aims at finding out the effectiveness of a video infographics learning unit at teaching a computer science topics. To achieve the goal in this study the focus is on developing a process to make educational videos and a system to deliver the content and get feedback. An evaluation study is done and the results show that video infographics improve comprehension of a computer science topic and the factors they depend upon.