Submitted Master Thesis of Marcel Nellesen


Marcel Nellesen presents his master thesis on the topic "Design and Implementation of a Leanring Application to Sensitize Senior Citizens for Internet Security".


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The internet has become an important part of the everyday life of many people. Through tablets and smartphones, they can access information and communicate with each other anytime and anywhere. While these devices are especially popular with teenagers and young adults, they become increasingly common among senior citizens as well. The usage of mobile devices provides them with the ability to stay in contact with family members, take part in communities, and use internet services. While modern technology offers many possibilities for senior citizens, they are also seen as threatening by many; especially security concerns are common among senior citizens. This project aims at helping senior citizens to better understand and to securely use the internet, which enables them to keep their independence longer and reach out to others.

Within this thesis a learning application was developed for Android devices that can be either used within a workshop context or as a standalone application. Two learning modules were created that address the topics "secure passwords" and "information privacy and security". The application was designed regarding the age-related impairments and specific requirements of senior citizens.

The developed application was systematically evaluated through a user study. The purpose of this study was to determine if the application can be successfully used to teach senior citizens. The user study was performed with ten participants. All were able to finish the learning module and the contained exercises. The System Usability Scale was used to gather information on the perceived usability. The usability of the application was rated good to excellent.