Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Lorenzo Sorressa


Lorenzo Sorressa presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Konzeption eines Lernspieles zur Klassifizierung von Phishing-URLs".


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Billions of people now use the Internet to browse websites, receive and send emails, or simply write in chat rooms with friends and acquaintances. The majority of Internet users are even online every day. However, very few people are aware of the dangers of phishing. Due to a lack of interest and far too few interesting training opportunities, more and more people are falling victim to fraudulent phishing sites. Therefore exciting possibilities must inform themselves about Phishing, which are technically competent, but nevertheless fun. In the context of this work the learning game Schlag den Filter was created, which teaches the classification of URLs into different phishing types. First, the necessary knowledge is imparted and then tested in a playful way. The players compete with the CPU and get the task to save mankind from extinction with their knowledge. In an entertaining adventure, the players learn everything they need to know about phishing URLs. Since the game was developed using a JavaScript framework and kept as simple as possible, only a computer with a modern browser is needed to play Schlag den Filter. In addition, no previous knowledge of phishing is required. In the following the didactic and technical backgrounds used are explained, as well as their conversion and conception in the learning game described.