Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Tobias Möhring


Tobias Möhring presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Entwicklung einer Cross-Platform Feedback-App zur Verbesserung von Unterrichtsstunden von Lehramtsstudierenden und Referendaren".


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This work sets itself the task of implementing an application that will help to should provide simple and anonymous feedback from all participants in teaching situations. to collect. In particular, it deals with the question of which design decisions can be hindering or beneficial in this process.
This work is based on the already existing Feedback App1, which is other survey applications mainly by distinguishing them from various other groups of participants. This work is intended as a replacement for the Feedback-App and, accordingly, this beginning was based on problems and inadequacies of the and collected ideas for improvements, e.g. the implementation of an Design help for surveys or automated preparation and availability of the teaching results.

Then the collected results were developed in iterative steps, from
Storyboard prototypes up to an executable software version.
Finally, a version of the work was tested for its suitability in a classroom situation. tested. Problems and feedback from the user test, e.g. confusion with the user interface. to create new hours and performance problems, were then is then fixed.