Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Anton Goldin


Anton Goldin presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "MTLG-Erweiterung für intuitive Interaktionsgesten an Multitouch-Displays anhand von Pentomino".


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The aim of the thesis was to write an extension for the Multitouch-Framework MTLG of the Department of Computer Science 9. Content of the extension is the gesture-controlled movement, rotation and reflection of objects. This must be intuitive and easy to use. As an extension for the framework, it also has to fit into the included specifications and be adequately documented and commented on so that it can be used by other students.

The extension was embedded in the learning game "Pentomino". In this learning game different forms have to be used in a given area. This requires the interactions of moving, rotating and mirroring. The implementation of the learning game "Pentomino" was also the goal of the bachelor thesis.