Submitted Master Thesis of Karl Ricken


Karl Ricken presents his master thesis on the topic "Lehren technikferner Erwachsener mit Hilfe mobiler Geräte am Beispiel -Internet-".


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The aim of this master thesis is the development of an app, which should convey the topic Internet to adults far away from technology in an exemplary way. The focus is on the development of computer science skills. In addition to imparting knowledge, the mobile Android application also indirectly improves the quality of life and strengthens the individual feeling of being active in the modern, mediatised society to be able to participate. Another goal of this work is the implementation of the Dagstuhl Declaration on Education Declaration in the Digital Networked World. The Dagstuhl Declaration gives special meaning to the three following perspectives: the technological perspective ("How does it work?"), the social-cultural perspective ("How does it work?") and the application-oriented perspective ("How do I use it?"). In order to achieve the goals described above, the following research question will be considered:

  • How can adults who are not familiar with technology be taught computer science competence using the Internet as an example with the help of a mobile Android application?

In addition, the following questions are formulated in order to deepen the research question.

  • What are the requirements of the Android application for the target group of non-technical adults?
  • How can the learning content Internet on mobile devices be sensibly presented to the target group?
  • To what extent is the Android application to be developed suitable for communicating the learning content to non-technical adults?

To what extent is the Android application to be developed suitable for conveying the learning content in the context of a workshop on the use of Android devices?