Registration for our free course "Introduction to JavaScript"


We would like to announce that, from today you can freely register for our new "Introduction to JavaScript" course. This course covers a wide range of JavaScript lessons, from the basics like syntax and regulations to advanced concepts, such as ECMAScript6 and Asynchronous JavaScript.


Additionally, this course is part of our research study in which we investigate students’ learning tendencies - how they prefer to learn, engage and interact with e-learning environments, how they behave in the course and etc. With this research, we tend to improve the current design of online courses and make them more personalized and learner-centered.

As so, by taking the course, you not only gain advanced knowledge of JavaScript programming but you also contribute to our research. We would be very grateful if you consider participating in the study. In gratitude for your participation, you will be registered for the giveaway lottery. Price: 2 x 20€ Amazon gift cards.

If interested - follow the link below!

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The presentation of the Introduction to JavaScript language course