Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Paul Heinrich


Paul Heinrich presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Wege zur kollaborativen Entscheidungsfindung in Multitouch-Lernspielen".



The aim of the thesis was the development of a component for different reconciliation variants in
collaborative learning games based on the MTLG framework developed at the institute. Developments and
In the past, software project internships have shown that collaborative decisions are an essential
success factor for such applications, but also represent an equally major hurdle during implementation.

The module to be developed for this purpose should therefore provide a component with which simple
configuration objects represent as wide a range of coordination modalities as possible and without
great effort can be integrated into newly developed learning applications. This includes a
comprehensive basic research, requirements analysis, implementation of the module itself included
Documentation, development of a demo application and, if the time frame allows it, the integration
of the new module into an existing educational game.