Submitted Master Thesis of Dirk Manuel Gottschlich


Dirk Manuel Gottschlich presents his master thesis on the topic "Enhancing E-learning with an Interactive Gamification Analytics Tool".


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The main aim of the thesis was to enhance the e-learning with an Interactive Gamification Analytics (GA) tool. As GA is an important aspect of the Gamification process, this thesis aims to identify how GA tools should be designed in order to address the needs of different stakeholders (teachers, researchers, students). In this regard, the result of the thesis is a Moodle LMS plugin titled ‘Interactive Gamification Analytics Tool’ – IGAT, which is designed to provide valuable information on gamification usage and progress. The tool has been evaluated and verified as acceptable and usable for both students and teachers. In addition, this thesis resulted in a comprehensive state-of-the-art in the field of GA, which was done with up to date publications (until December 2019).