Introduction to Web Technologies


Attention! Limited number of participants in Winter 2019/20!

Due to the research semester of Prof. Schroeder, the lecture is only offered with a limited number of participants of up to 80 students. This lecture is obligatory for teacher training students of computer science in bachelor studies and a place is guaranteed for all.

As an open, voluntary additional offer, an online course "Introduction to JavaScript" is offered. This online course is without restriction. Further information will follow.


The internet has a massive influence on our everyday life. Within a few years, we learned to solve different tasks with the help of the internet. These tasks go from searching for information to complex workflows. Therefore the world wide web and its technology gain more and more meaning for the development of interactive software systems.
Within the framework of this course, we focus on different concepts, principles, methods, and web-technologies. These fields will be discussed and introduced exemplarily during the lecture. In this module, the methods and techniques will be brought together and discussed within web projects and exercises.

The goal of that module is to introduce the students to necessary technologies for web-applications and other relevant subject areas but also to understand these things in context and get to know them by practical trials. In order to do so there will be presented some basic technologies first, such as the Internet, TCP/IP, Word Wide Web et cetera. After that, the lecture will focus on client- and server- technologies. Furthermore, some technologies concerning Ajax will be presented and practiced in interaction.

Additional Information

  • Level: B.Sc.
  • Offered in: Winter Semester
  • L3+E2
  • Course Language: German (possibly exercises for bonus in English)

A short overview of the lecture in a past semester can be found here: 2-Minute-Madness

The lecture is a compulsory elective module in Data and Information Systems. Additional information on examinations, cedits, lecture hours and so on can be found in the Module Catalogue and in RWTHonline.