Programming - Service: Java



Today, knowledge and capabilities in computer science and especially in programming are a must-have in a wide variety of areas. From flow simulation on new types of materials to booking systems you might not need to program yourself but you need to have a basic understanding of it to be able to communicate precisely. The service course "Programming - Service (Java)" therefore addresses study programs of all kinds. The course teaches basic concepts of programming including the whole process of software engineering, that is also requirements analysis, testing and so on. Using the example of the modern programming language Java you will learn object oriented software engineering from scratch. Experience in programming is not mandatory but surely helpful. The lecture topics are:

  • Algorithm and Program
  • Syntax and Semantics
  • Variables, Data Types, Expressions
  • Statements
  • Data Structures
  • Blocks
  • Methods and Recursion
  • Objects, Classes, Inheritance
  • Programming Systematics

Furthermore, the lecture will present examples of elements from the Java library such as string, graphical user interface, event handling, exception handling et cetera.

Additional Information

For additional information on the course please check the entry in RWTHonline.