Seminar: Elearning in School and University



The target of this seminar is to examine the various options for using elearning in school and universities from different perspectives. The following aspects will be important:

  • Collaborative elearning at a multi-touch table
  • Handling personal data in elearning
  • Comparison of the elearning platforms Moodle, Fronter, L2P, ...
  • Learning Analytics in elearning
  • Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom conceptions
  • Using elearning for teacher-training
  • Elearning in elementary schools

The subjects are broadly based so that participants can easily contribute with their experience and interests.

The content of the seminar will be the the reprocessing of the state of the art in research and the development of new ideas.

Additional Information

  • Offered: regularly in summer semesters
  • Language: German