L²P - Learning and Teaching Platform of RWTH Aachen University

  Logo L2P Copyright: © Philipp Rohde, Ulrik Schroeder

L2P is the central web-based learning and teaching platform of RWTH Aachen University. Its virtual course rooms offer lecturers a range of tools to provide course related information, distribute digital materials such as scripts, slides, or lecture videos, communicate with students, foster collaboration, design assessment activities, make available options for self-learning and offer feedback that helps students to reflect their learning.

It’s a centrally hosted platform, integrated into the IT services of the university, with regular back-ups and support. It facilitates the administration of courses and gives students easy access to all dates, materials, assignments, exercises and other information relevant for learning. Moreover, it opens up additional didactical options for using digital media in teaching. Being a protected system with personalized login L²P also allows lecturers to distribute third party materials corresponding with the copyright restrictions.

Students can personalize L2P rooms and use them learning individually or in groups, independent from place and time and according to their personal needs. They can also use L2P on the way through a mobile website or the RWTHApp.

The app-based platform can be easily extended by third party systems to support course specific blended learning scenarios in an optimal way. Moreover, an API allows users to develop and integrate their own applications, in addition to extend the existing functionality. After having been checked by the data privacy officer of RWTH Aachen, they can be offered for cost-free usage.

The CiL is responsible for developing and supporting the platform. Integration into the university’s IT and system operation are done by the IT Center of RWTH Aachen. Users participate in the further development of L2P by their direct feedback, user tests, workshops and surveys in which they can suggest with new requirements. Beyond that, the Learning Technologies Research Group contributes to the further development with research results on technology enhanced learning.