MINT-L⁴@RWTH Aachen - Lifelong Learning for Teachers

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MINT-L⁴@RWTH is a centre of excellence founded in 2012 and serving as a central point of contact for everybody interested in recruiting students for teacher-training courses in the STEM disciplines and providing them with good education. Additionally it intends to help in further educating and supporting STEM-teachers in courses at RWTH Aachen University. Finally, it supports the striving for excellent teaching at RWTH by offering competences in field specific didactics in the STEM fields. The center of excellence MINT-L⁴@RWTH is therefore dedicated to:

  • the recruitement and acquisition of highly qualified, engaged, and motivated students for STEM teacher education and STEM fields in general (acquisition),
  • covering all interdisciplinary aspects while offering the best possible education for future STEM teachers and providing special support for these students during their studies (education),
  • making an essential contribution to lifelong learning, training, and support of STEM teachers (further education), and
  • scientifically accompanying prepatory, introductory, and supportive courses for students of STEM disciplines in order to support them at the beginning of their studies (ensuring successful completion).

The centre of excellence will pay particular attention to gender-equality in teaching and ensure equal opportunities in the STEM fields.

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder, Prof. Dr. Nadine Bergner, Sandra-Jasmin Petrut