New online module "Informatik Enlightened" of the InfoSphere


The "InfoSphere - Schülerlabor Informatik" now offers a new online module on textual microcontroller programming.


Program a microcontroller from home even though you don't own one? You can!

The "InfoSphere - Schülerlabor Informatik" classic "Informatik Enlightened" has been transformed into an online module where students used a detailed simulator for building and (textual) programming instead of a real Arduino microcontroller. Best of all, they don't even need to install any software for this, as they can simply access the online 3D modeling program "Tinkercad" via their browser.

First, the students get into Tinkercad by building and programming a simple circuit to make an LED blink. Then they have a choice of three exciting projects: In the "Roller Shutter Control" project, students take the first step toward a smart home that is protected from burglars. The other two projects are no less helpful. A "parking aid" protects against unsightly dents on the car and a "color thermometer" makes temperature visible and thus prevents painful burns.

The module materials are also suitable for use in (distance) teaching. We are therefore happy to provide interested teachers with a rough version of the materials on request.

For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact InfoSphere - Schülerlabor Informatik.