Prof Schroeder retires from heading CiL




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+49 241 80 21930


CiL has been a research-oriented central unit with the task of developping the Blended Learning at RWTH Aachen University. For the past 12 years the project was successful in designing and implementing L²P which lead RWTH Aachen University to the top university concerning the broad adoption of Blended Learning (approx. 6.000 courses per year). Since Blended Learning has become normality, CiL does not need eLearning research and development competences any longer. Instead, it is to be incorporated into a larger center for Learning, which will be sustainibly financed as service unit. Also, L²P is to be replaced by the standard learning management sytem Moodle.


After founding CiL and heading it for 12 years, Prof. Schroeder has retired from that position in summer term 2017. New provisional head is Prof. Nacken until a lasting structure is defined.