Best Demo Award at LAK 2021


From 12.04.2021 to 16.04.2021 the LAK (Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference) took place as a virtual conference. We submitted a demo there in which we connected multi-touch learning games on large tabletop displays with eye tracking glasses. With the contribution "Through the eyes of cooperation at multi-touch tabletop displays" we could convince and won the Best Demo Award.


In this demo, Birte Heinemann and Matthias Ehlenz presented the results of their Research Focus Class 2020, consisting of Rabea de Groot, Damin Wito Kühn, Claudio Nadenau, Domenic Ulrich Quirl.

The video is available at: For further information about the idea, hardware setup and research background, see (Heinemann et al., 2020). For the framework and research context, see (Leonhardt et al., 2019). For the game, see (Ehlenz et al., 2018).


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