Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Marcel Ritz


Marcel Ritz presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Konzept eines Mehrspieler-Lernspiels zu logischen Schaltungen für Multitouch-Geräte".


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This bachelor thesis deals with the development of a concept for a multiplayer learning game on logic circuits for multi-touch devices. The implemented game idea is the virtual construction and testing of logic circuits that can build the NuN1 itself and control it in the simulation via switches with their own inputs. The game aims to promote cooperation and interaction between the NuN. In the course of the training, existing internet offers on the subject of logic circuits suitable for on-the-job or independent learning were examined. In the following phase, the design of the user interface and its operating structures was developed with regard to multiplayer capability and application on multi-touch devices. In implementing the game design in JavaScript, several approaches were considered, ultimately implementing an object-oriented approach using factory methodology. The suitability and operability of the game was tested in two evaluation tests with a total of 17 people and gave positive feedback. Notes on possible improvements to the user interface have been implemented to a large extent.