Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Kevin Lu


Kevin Lu presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "A multitouch learning game about the internet for elementary school students".


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From smartphones, tablets to laptops or computers - devices with Internet access belong to the basic equipment in most households. Children grow in one digitized world and come into contact with digital media ever earlier. The Internet offers a multitude of new possibilities for information retrieval, for communication or entertainment. At the same time children are also new dangers exposed. Good interaction is therefore of great interest and should be practiced respectively to be learned. A basic understanding is required to ensure this. The This work begins at this point to technical children of primary school age To introduce connections to the topic of digital media and the Internet, and to talk about them to clarify the possible risks. For this purpose, the multi-touch learning game became "Netway" developed in the context of this thesis. It is both on the game concept, as well as the technical development process. On a working Building up a game version, a test run is presented and the thereby emerged Considered challenges. The technical possibilities for extensibility will be worked out and a short view conclude the thesis.