Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Jan-Patrick Schulz


Jan-Patrick Schulz presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Phishing in one’s pond – ein kollaboratives Multitouch Lernspiel".


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Phishing is a serious danger with sometimes fatal financial or personal consequences for the victims. In a phishing attack, the victim is induced, for example, to disclose private data (passwords, credit card information) on a fake website. Technical solutions do not fully protect against phishing attacks. The risk of becoming a victim of a phishing attack is particularly high among users without knowledge of this type of attack. In addition to technical solutions, users need to get knowledge about phishing. Due to the extensive and for non-technical users difficult to learn subject matter, there are learning games for anti-phishing. These games were developed for single players and only provide learning content for certain types of phishing. In this bachelor thesis these works are analyzed and a collaborative multitouch learning game for 2 to 4 players is developed. In the learning game, a broad overview of phishing is given, so that it becomes clear how extensive phishing is and that this can potentially be in every message phishing attacks. The learning game is collaborative. Several users can simultaneously learn together at the game, help each other and discuss and develop their ideas, which also increases the motivation to learn. Different principles for designing learning games are considered in order to create a game that is as interesting as possible and to make learning pleasant. A special focus is on the fact that the learning materials are easily interchangeable in order to achieve a good adaptability of the game. The learning materials created as part of this bachelor thesis are designed for non-technical users. However, the game can easily be extended with new learning content for other target groups.