Submitted Master Thesis of Sven Judel


Sven Judel presents his master thesis on the topic "Analysis of Activity Logging Approaches and Concept for Data Correlations with Learning Styles".


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Learning is an individual process where learners prefer different ways to receive, adapt and perceive information, called learning styles. It is assumed, that using learning material which matches these preferred ways, can increase the learning efficiency. To adapt to the needs of the different learning styles it has to be determined where their difficulties are grounded. Looking at performance data like achieved grades in quizzes or assignments is the first step. If performance flaws are detected for some learning styles, the reasons need to be determined. Indicators like the used material (related to a quiz or assignment) or the communication of problems with other learners in the course can be analyzed. The results can, therefore, be used to improve the course by updating or creating material, changing structures or providing other help to support each learning style. Therefore, in this thesis, a Moodle plugin was developed which aims at linking learners learning style data and their activity and performance data within a course. These linked data are presented to the user in different visualizations. This allows the described investigation with results presented in a more human-readable way than just reading big tables containing many log data and numbers. To evaluate the plugin, a usability study was done aiming at detecting usability flaws and determine improvements.